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Student Spotlight: William Hunter Jones

William Hunter Jones photo

Name: William Hunter Jones

Major: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Associates of Arts in Police Studies

Location: Corbin

1. Why did you choose to transfer to Eastern Kentucky University to complete your degree?“I didn’t transfer here but my choice of Eastern was a pretty easy one.” “The size of the regional campus was the biggest factor.” “It is wonderful to be able to personally speak to all of my professors and to be able to get to know the facilitators so well.”

*The program wants you to know that EKU has one of the top 10 Criminal Justice Degree programs’ in the United States and you can complete your entire Criminal Justice or Police Studies Degree from any of their Regional Campuses or Sites (Corbin, Cumberland, Elizabethtown, Hazard, Manchester, Middlesboro, Pikeville, Prestonsburg, Somerset and Whitesburg).

2. Can you describe the process of your admittance to Eastern Kentucky University?

“The transition from high school to Eastern Kentucky University was fairly simple and the EKU staff was excellent at assisting me with courses that I needed to take.”  

3. Why did you select Criminal Justice/Police Studies?

“I took Criminal Justice classes as a high school student and fell in love with the subject.” “I learned that there was more to law enforcement than meets the eye.” “One might say there is a figurative curtain between citizens and law enforcement.” “I felt with this degree I could get a look behind that curtain and perhaps show others.” “There is also a wide variety of jobs you can take with this degree, from private security to work in the court system; the opportunities are endless.”

4. Are you aware that any credit hours at EKU above 12 are free (not including online only classes?) “Yes!” “I was informed by my advisor Mr. Kappeler that I could take two free classes!”

*With this program, students can save about $2,600.00 each semester by taking two free classes! In addition, EKU Book Smart will be free to incoming undergraduates starting in the Fall 2021 semester.

*Free classes and is not available in eCampus (100 percent online programs or if students take any online classes.

5. Did you find the site helpful in your decision-making process?

“Yes, I did; otherwise, I never would have known that I could get my entire degree at a regional campus.”

6. Are you aware that EKU at RC&S offers two Nationally Recognized Criminal Justice Organizations?

“Yes, I am a member of Alpha Phi Sigma and will join Lambda Alpha Epsilon soon.”

7. What are your educational/career goals?

“To complete my degree and continue my education into law school.” “My career goal is to get a job working in the legal system, perhaps a position as a judge. I am also considering working as a postal inspector.”

8. When will you begin your education at Eastern Kentucky University?

“I am currently enrolled at EKU and have taken courses here since before graduating high school.”

9. What advice would you give prospective students considering EKU and Criminal Justice/Police Studies?

“I would tell others to be sure to network and join the student organizations.” “People are going to tell you that your criminal justice degree is a mistake and that police agencies will take you with any degree.” “However, the science and the theories you will learn will help you be a better police officer.” “A criminal justice degree is also helpful to those wishing to become a lawyer.” “You can get into law school with any degree, but when you step into court you can say that you understand what happens during an arrest; all because of your criminal justice degree.”

10. Is there any specific advice you want to offer your (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.)  colleagues who might be interested in transferring to EKU to complete their degree?

“My best advice is to “Come on over”.” “It is a great idea to get your general education classes and the like from those schools, but Eastern will offer you so many more opportunities.” “How many colleges give you the time to speak to your professors or to sit down face to face with an advisor? Eastern can and does!”

*If you have any questions regarding the CJ program, please click on the “Contact Us” tab, select your location and fill out the required information.

Published on February 02, 2022

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