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Student Spotlight: Stephenson Jones

Student Spotlight: Stephenson Jones

Name: Stephenson Jones
Transfer Student from:
Mountain Empire Community College
Major: Criminal Justice
Location: EKU Regional Campuses & Sites - Virginia

1. Why did you choose to transfer to Eastern Kentucky University to complete your degree?

“My decision to transfer to EKU for my bachelor’s degree was three-fold. First was the flexibility with on-line course work.” “It is difficult to make time to attend regular college classes while working full-time.” “EKU and my professors worked with me to ensure that the schedule worked for me.” “Second was the demeanor of the EKU professors and advisors I met before actually enrolling.” “Everyone was very helpful and friendly.” “I can honestly say that they are some of the most helpful professors I have encountered.” “Lastly, was the convenience of classes as the agreement between MECC and EKU meant that I did not have to travel very far to attend the in-person meetings.

*The program wants you to know that EKU has one of the top 10 Criminal Justice Degree programs’ in the United States and you can complete your entire Criminal Justice or Police Studies Degree from any of their Regional Campuses or Sites (Corbin, Cumberland, Elizabethtown, Hazard, Manchester, Middlesboro, Pikeville, Prestonsburg, Somerset, MECC-Virginia, and Whitesburg).

2. Can you describe the process of your transfer from (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.)  to Eastern Kentucky University?

“When I transferred from MECC to EKU, I feel the process was very simple and effortless.” “I completed the application and obtained my transcript.” “From there, Mr. Kappeler did the rest including contacting me about classes and my schedule.”

*The program wants you to know that EKU offers students transferring from out of state may participate in the SMART program. Attend EKU for less than attending many schools in your home state. Undergraduate students from any U.S. state are eligible for the SMART tuition rate of $5,150 per semester ($10,300 per year) *This tuition rate is for up to 6 classes per semester at any of our regional campuses and sites locations. NOTE: This program is not available to fully online or graduate students. For more info., you can learn more at

3. Why did you select Criminal Justice/Police Studies?

“I chose the Criminal Justice/Police Studies program mainly because I am already employed in the field.” “I also feel that with the current climate toward Law Enforcement, that it is imperative that Officers from the top command to the newest recruit show their willingness to adapt and change to make themselves more culturally diverse and aware of societal changes.”

4. Are you aware that any credit hours at EKU above 12 are free (not including online only classes?)

“I am aware that credit hours above 12 are free with EKU.” “When I started, my advisor, Mr. Kappeler, was very good explaining this, as was Mr. Gilliam whom I worked with on several occasions.”

5. Did you find the site helpful in your decision-making process?

I honestly did not rely much on the website. “The professors of EKU Regional were very helpful with any questions I had and really went above and beyond to make sure, I understood all aspects from enrollment to what needs to be finished to earn my degree.”

6. Are you aware that EKU at RC&S offers two Nationally Recognized Criminal Justice Organizations?

“I am aware of the Criminal Justice Organizations. While at EKU, I joined the Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE).”

7. What are your educational/career goals?

“Since attending EKU, I have transferred back to MECC in order to complete a few Gen Ed requirements I was lacking.” “It is my hope to complete my bachelor’s degree and then obtain my master’s which would provide options upon retirement from my current job. “As for my career goals, is to retire from my current job and possibly teach some criminal justice classes.”

8. What advice would you give prospective students considering EKU and Criminal Justice/Police Studies?

 “My advice to students considering attending EKU would be to talk with the Professors that come to the MECC campus and ask the questions you are unsure of.” “Do not be afraid to tell them your concerns.” “If they do not have the answer, they will find out or point you in the right direction to get the answer.”

9. Is there any specific advice you want to offer your (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.)  colleagues who might be interested in transferring to EKU to complete their degree?

 “Based on my experience, I do not think you can go wrong.” “The cost of the classes and the fact that once you do your major course work, you can do any other Gen Ed or classes you need at MECC makes this program very enticing.” “I would highly recommend that you talk with both MECC professors, as well as EKU professors to fully understand what you will need and what is expected.”

*If you have any questions regarding the CJ program, please click on the “Contact Us” tab, select your location and fill out the required information.

Published on August 05, 2021

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