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Student Spotlight: Sabrina Sites

Sabrina Sites photo

Name: Sabrina Nicole Sites

Major:  Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice 

Location: Prestonsburg


1.Why did you choose to transfer to Eastern Kentucky University to complete your degree?

I transferred from Big Sandy Community and Technical college (BSCTCS) to Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) it was simple choice because not only EKU being one of the top schools in the region who has an excellent Criminal justice study and policing program. Another reason why I had chosen Eastern Kentucky was because they have an amazing transition program with Big Sandy so that way, I wont be many miles away from my family in order to carry on my studies, and  I enjoy being around my family just so I can have guidance every step of the way, with that being said I am glad to be an Colonel due to their flexibility, amazing studies.


2.Can you describe the process of your transfer from (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.) to Eastern Kentucky University?

The transfer process was simple for me that’s for sure the staff is very organized, helpful to make sure I had met my goals to get into this program with Eastern Kentucky University. And I cannot thank them enough for the time they had sat beside just to ensure I am good to go on my courses, etc.


3.Why did you select Criminal Justice/Police Studies?

I have always been interested in this type of study/field as I can remember. I was set on this career path throughout my middle school years, just hearing about these unsolved cases really caught my eye and I was wondering “What could I do throughout my future career path? and What could I do to help?”  This is not the only reason. Another reason is  that I am following in my Dad’s footsteps of something he couldn’t  accomplish due to challenges of being a full time Dad, keeping up with a full time job and doing school at the same time. But here I am making him proud every step of the way. Working full-time, being a full-time student.


4.Are you aware that any credit hours at EKU above 12 are free (not including online only classes?)

Yes, I was aware about this through my advisor Mr. Stephen Kappeler he explained everything thoroughly with me. Of course, he explained if “I take all six classes two of them are free!” and who doesn’t love free classes!


5.Did you find the site helpful in your decision-making process?

Yes, I found this website to be very helpful and it is a very easy to navigate through it if it wasn’t for that website, I wouldn’t be here today earning my degree through this program.


6. Are you aware that EKU at RC&S offers two Nationally Recognized Criminal Justice Organizations?

Yes, I was made aware about this due to the helpful information that Carla Lawson and Josh Gillam had a whole student organization day set for us to attend a meeting during a class period they talked to us about the amazing opportunities they provide for the students. I am not a member of these organizations, but they seem so interesting to join.


7. What are your educational/career goals?

My educational goals are of course graduate from Eastern Kentucky University and earn my bachelor’s degree in science through the Criminal Justice program as stated within these questions. But my career goal is start off in the state level and hope for the best to go to the top and be in a federal position, within that I hope to pursue my dream job of becoming a special agent in the FBI.  Not only going towards my goal of becoming a police officer I would love to open a class at the Martin County High School (MCHS) to teach many students, there about criminal justice. During my many years in high school when it was called Sheldon Clark Highschool at the time we didn’t have a criminal justice course there on site compared to Johnson Central and I think this would be an amazing goal to set for Martin counties school district.


8.When will you begin your education at Eastern Kentucky University?

I am currently enrolled within the Eastern Kentucky University program I started in the Fall of twenty-two. And I must say I am grateful everyday to be part of this education process with the CRJ regional site.


9. What advice would you give prospective students considering EKU and Criminal Justice/Police Studies?

The advice I would give students considering the Criminal Justice and Police Studies is that just don’t jump into a career path you don’t know about in general. If you are willing to go to Eastern Kentucky University and learn the studies that is needed for this pathway. You will be grateful that you will know what you go to do; It’s like “How would you arrest someone” well you learned that within your studies you are providing helpful information for yourself to help you within your future goals. But not only to yourself you are helping keep peace within the society if you do the right thing, and not only that this would help you become a better police officer for yourself and for your post that you are located at, but it will also help you and your fellow co workers be more respective cause you know your studies. and not only that treat people with respect within your path of your policing goal.



10. Is there any specific advice you want to offer your (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.)  colleagues who might be interested in transferring to EKU to complete their degree?

I would like to say if you love to save money come on down to this amazing program that is close to home so you wouldn’t have to go so far away, This program offers the opportunities that fits right into your schedule and times that you may want and you will meet some very friendly, intelligent people that are there to help you any time you need it; due to them being very  responsive to each question you may or may not have.

Published on February 02, 2023

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