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Student Spotlight: Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker photo

Name: Olivia Walker
Major: Criminal Justice
Location: Elizabethtown

  • Why did you choose to transfer to Eastern Kentucky University to complete your degree?  I have been wanting to further my career through EKU because it is a great school to attend to. I’ve heard the teachers are nothing but help to their students!
  • Can you describe the process of your transfer from (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.)  to Eastern Kentucky University? The transfer process was easy! Since I was at the KCTCS location and the EKU program was offered at my site, it was no trouble transferring at all!
  • Why did you select Criminal Justice/Police Studies? I have an uncle in law enforcement and I’ve always been interested in policing and the aspects to it.
  • Are you aware that any credit hours at EKU above 12 are free (not including online only classes?) Yes and it’s great that it is offered!
  • Did you find the site helpful in your decision-making process?

Yes! It helped me narrow down what I want to do with my career.

  • Are you aware that EKU at RC&S offers two Nationally Recognized Criminal Justice Organizations?

Yes, I am currently a member of the Lambda Alpha Epsilon.

  • What are your educational goals?

After I finish my Bachelors Degree, I plan on applying to be a Police officer and also go back to school for my Master’s Degree.

  • When will you begin your education at Eastern Kentucky University?

I began my education here at EKU in the Fall of 2022.

  • What is your career goal?

My career goal is to eventually work for the FBI and become a profiler and an agent for the FBI.

  • What advice would you give prospective students considering EKU and Criminal Justice/Police Studies? If unsure of what you want to do, do research and ask questions about the career you have in mind. If you know 100% what you want, go for it and talk with your teachers about your career goal. They are a big help!
  • Is there any specific advice you want to offer your (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.)  colleagues who might be interested in transferring to EKU to complete their degree?

If the program is offered at your location, take it. It’s better to be at home and complete your degree and be surrounded by support than to be out on your own. You also save more money!

Published on March 01, 2023

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