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Student Spotlight: Devin Baker

Devin Baker photo

Name: Devin Baker

Major: Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Associates of Applied Science in Police Studies

Location: Pikeville

1. Why did you choose to transfer to Eastern Kentucky University to complete your degree? I chose EKU because I wanted to further my education and obtain a Bachelors Degree and I have always been made aware of EKU’s outstanding track record, not only as a university, but as one of the best Criminal Justice universities you could attend in the whole nation.

2. Can you describe the process of your transfer from (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.) to Eastern Kentucky University? I graduated from KCTCS in May of 2021 and immediately decided I wanted to go to EKU to obtain my Bachelors degree. The process was very easy and it made it even easier knowing that I could get my degree right here in Pikeville at the same campus I had just graduated from. My academic advisor at KCTCS Mr. Lesley Varney introduced me to my now advisor Mr. Stephen Kappeler and he has been a huge help. Mr. K is as good as they come and he will take care of anyone who is wanting to take the next step at EKU!

3. Why did you select Criminal Justice/Police Studies? I selected this Degree study because it has always been a dream of mine to help people. Nothing brings me more joy than to help others and I strongly feel that the Criminal Justice field is the best way for me to do that. Is it such a vast pathway and there are so many different paths a person could chose. From Law Enforcement, to Corrections, to the Courtroom, etc. the possibilities are endless.

4. Are you aware that any credit hours at EKU above 12 are free (not including online only classes?) Yes! Mr. K had informed me of that from the beginning and that was such a EKU SJS RC&S STUDENT SPOTLIGHT big help because it made attending the EKU regional site so much more convenient and had me sold even more on enrolling in classes.

5. Did you find the site helpful in your decision making process? Of course! Even though the website has changed and updated since I began my journey at EKU, it was and still continues to be very helpful. It has every resource a student could need on there and really does a good job explaining what all is offered at the regional sites and I am very glad I discovered the site before applying to EKU last year.

6. Are you aware that EKU at RC&S offers two Nationally Recognized Criminal Justice Organizations? Yes! APS and LAE are two of the most Notable CRJ organizations in the country and I found it really beneficial that EKU offers those to students like me. Those organizations help a lot and it just shows what kind of Criminal Justice program EKU has and why it is so successful.

7. What are your educational goals? At the time of writing this, I want to graduate with a Bachelors degree from EKU and then begin to seek employment. I will say though that I will never rule out continuing my education to maybe get a Masters or a Doctorate in the future. I think everyone should be as educated as possible when given the chance. I will never take that for granted.

8. When will you begin your education at Eastern Kentucky University? I began my first classes in August of 2021 and am still enrolled today, in my final semester.

9. What is your career goal? Although I do not have a complete idea yet, I do know that I want to be in Law Enforcement and I think this degree will help me so much in whatever agency or occupation I decide to try and be part of.

10. What advice would you give prospective students considering EKU and Criminal Justice/Police Studies? I would suggest if Criminal Justice or Police Studies is something that interests you, look no further than EKU. It’s CRJ program is second to EKU SJS RC&S STUDENT SPOTLIGHT none and I think a degree in CRJ from EKU will look as good on any application in your future than any other school in the country.

11. Is there any specific advice you want to offer your (KCTCS, SCC, ECTC, MECC, etc.) colleagues who might be interested in transferring to EKU to complete their degree? My one piece of advice: go for it! The staff here at EKU is amazing and if you can not attend EKU on campus, look no further than the many regional sites that are offered. They are so convenient and allow someone to get a great degree from a great university close to home and not many universities can say they offer something as great as that. You will be taken care of here and I am proof of that. I am so glad I made the decision to continue my education at EKU. It has been one of the best decisions of my life so far. I am forever grateful.

Published on November 28, 2022

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